I write engaging articles and blog posts.

I love to write great pieces about fascinating topics.

It's pronounced hel • ee • yuh

My name is Dan Helyer and I write articles and blog posts for a range of businesses. My content is engaging and entertaining. It provides value to readers which drives them to return time and time again.

Here's how I do it

With Purpose

Everything I write has purpose. I might design it to persuade, to entertain, or to educate my readers. Whatever that purpose is, I use it to create streamlined content that makes an impact on whoever sees it, doing away with needless fluff.

With Style

Writing with purpose sparks valuable content. Readers benefit from having read it and are likely to return again. I will write purposeful content for your business that connects with your market, reinforcing their trust in your brand.

With Originality

It’s true: one picture is worth a thousand words. But those words — when expertly written — can fire up your imagination and stir you with new ideas. Well-written prose is captivating, exciting, and impossible to turn away from.


My Happy Clients!

"Dan is one of the most talented and professional writers I’ve worked with, he’s a valued contributor to my team who regularly goes above and beyond to help improve the business. I’d recommend him to anyone looking for a great writer."
Sudz Kar, Managing Director, AppleToolBox
Sudz Kar
Managing Director, AppleToolBox

Areas of Expertise!

Reliable sources and first-hand interviews allow me to conduct accurate research for my writing. I present this information in clean prose that is easily digested and entirely free of errors — as you should expect.

I write content that readers care about, resulting in social shares and increased lead generation. Not only that, but informative articles and insightful blog posts secure the authority of your brand above the competition.

Using the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques, I optimise my writing to boost your visibility in search rankings. I do this with astute keyword choices alongside flowing content that gains traction with readers.

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Well-crafted content is crucial.

I’m here to help by writing engaging articles and blog posts that attract customers and reinforce your brand identity in a crowded marketplace.

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My work is unique.

I will take the time to understand your needs and deliver the high-quality content that your customers deserve.


Consultations are free!

Interested in working with me? Get in touch and let’s talk about it! I’m always excited to hear about new projects to start working on.